Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling the Need!!

Wow, I can't believe I went this long with not bloggin....really, how does my world exist! I guess once again life and the excitement that goes along with it were driving factors.

I was at the AKC dog show in Calgary the first weekend in February. I took Wrangler and Maggie, who was making her debut at the show, for the weekend. I stopping in at Stony Plain on the way to pick up my friend, Cindy Bazin. She was showing her boy Trip, a Czech import, that we co-own together for the show. It was a rather uneventful road trip, didn't get lost ....really nothing...and for those that have been on road trip with me, there is usually something.

We had a great weekend, Trip can home a new Champion, in only his second show. He was BOB on Friday, and then went BOS. BP on Sunday at our Booster......what a way to finish! I will post his photos here, or on my site, once I get them....
Wrangler, was BOB on Saturday and got his butt kick the other two days by Trip.....and I had no problems with that....can't win everyday....hmm, guess that doesn't apply here as I did....between him and Tripp we kicked BUTT!!!

Not only that a Jivin son, who happens to be a malinois, was WD on Saturday! His owner and breeder were in tears. I was so glad to be there to see it, it made my weekend. Sometimes after years of showing, you forget the firsts. But I got to remember the feelings of the first wins, the first points....I couldn't be happier for Tanya and Teri....way to go!

And well then there was WEE Maggie. Literally!! Maggie looked like the anorexic cocker spaniel in the ring. All my breeder friends with herding dogs and working dogs thought she looked excellent and in great weight and muscle....boy were we in shock! Apparently, they like them fat and poly in the show ring.....Maggie is in her glory....she was just given the ticket to eat more!!! For her this is like winning the lottery....cockers live to eat and eat to live and live to eat and eat to live and live to eat....well you get the picture. Since the show I have put a few more pounds on her and she is looking rounder....
Even thought we took RWF all three days to her litter sister Coco, she did beat the other class bitch, so I was happy. The judges commented about how hard it was to pick between her and her sister...but Coco was in better and more full coat and well, she was packin' and it wasn't no six pack...sorry Coco, just couldn't resist!

It's funny how time passes so quick. Writing about that show which was only a few weeks earlier, it seems like a few months have passed.

Last weekend, was spend at the 'Sled Invasion'......we had a big snow mobile rally in town, as well as some extreme snow machine show with riders doing back flips and such. As I am a director for our Ag, Society, and the event was being hosted there, we were all volunteering for the weekend. There was set up from Thursday to Sunday, as well as clean up each day. Dean and I were bar tending Friday night for the VIP meet and greet/thank you party after the show. We had a great time. If you every get to go, it's worth the show. As I know there are few people who read this that live in year round tropical climates, I"m sure standing outdoors watch a show at -20oC is pure craziness.....but for us Canadians living in no-where land Northern Alberta, it's just a normal thing!

Hmm, I wonder just how long we had till the white stuff leaves. Here in January we had +10oc temps and spring looked just around the corner...I was feeling spring fever. And now , well, lets just say I was setting myself up for disappointment.....

All I can say is bring on spring.....I almost look forward to muddy paws....almost!