Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Updates

Well it seems like forever since I sat and blogged. Today seems like a good day to get started again. Looking out my window, winter is trying once again to arrive. Snowflakes are falling and I wonder if the ground will be covered once again, only to melt and create muddy paws tomorrow.....will just have to wait.

I would have to say that part of my absence was due in part to whelping and raising two litters of tervs this spring. Wrangler and Angel welcomed seven puppies April 16, and Brenner and Adzuki welcomed seven puppies on May fourteen puppies I think is a good excuse to not have any extra time.... I still had to deal with everyday life of being a mom of two boys, being a wife, grooming part time and teaching obedience classes....

Obviously all the puppies have went on to their new homes....except ZoomZoom which stayed here. She is out of Brenner and Adzuki. For those of you wondering about the name, our last two dogs, have been named after some cartoon. Ethan named them both with no help. Maggie, our ECS was named from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast and ZoomZoom from the show Bolt....the girl says, ZOOMZOOM Bolt.....I guess having kids we get different could have been Lady, Princess, or Thunder, as they were in the it's fare to say, I was thrilled went Ethan can up with ZoomZoom.

This is Zoom at four months.....I hope to have some updated photos soon, as we are off to our first show next weekend at Red Deer.

As I am jumping around a bit in the happenings around here, at the beginning of October, I hosted a Monique Anstee Dog Trainers Seminar for Dog Aggressive Dogs. If you ever have a chance to go to one of Monique's seminar GO! It was awesome. I had her here for a five day, Monday to Friday about seven hours a day.....this is the way to go to seminars. I am planning to have her back again in 2010.

Doing down restraints with all dog aggressive dogs....nose to bum!

It was a fantastic seminar geared to teaching trainers how to teach a growl class to re-habilite dog aggressive dogs. The seminar flowed so wonderful without any issues and we all saw HUGE differences in the dog.....thanks Monique. For those who do not know Monique check out her website : . Monique has one of my Belgians, Basil. I have to brag a bit for her too.....Monique and Basil are going to Cruft in Spring 2010 to represent Canada in obedience......I am so's the first North American, Canadian Belgian to go over and represent Canada in England....but Monique and Basil have a few other firsts, like being the first Canadian Bred Terv to get a SchIII ....keep a eye on this duo!

Ethan and Basil doing some heeling!!

Will keep you a bit better posted in the future!!