Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Midnight's Silent

Hmm..I think I like this blog thing! I am sitting here listening to .....nothing....just silence. My husband and boys have long ago headed to bed and I am still up surfing the net. Dogs are all fed and in their beds for the night. Maggie, tucking in her soft cozy kennel, Trouble, taking residence up on the couch (what else to you expect of a dog going on thirteen) and Adzuki and Wrangler outside....yes, outside. All summer they came in the house, to keep my property quiet and peaceful at night as the neighbours dogs back at shadows through out the whole night. As I don't want my dogs to ever think this is ok, nor do I want to have to crawl out of my warm bed at 3am to go quiet them, they sleep inside. But now that the cooler weather is here, and people are not leaving their windows open or dogs roaming about, they get to sleep outside. And they love it. All night indoor they huff and puff and especially in winters past with the wood stove burning .... it's just too hot inside. So now before we have really cool nights they get to be dogs! Bark at strange sounds, howl with the coyote's dig and play and enjoy their nights.

As of right now, we have had no snow. Call me crazy but the first snow is something I look forward to each year. I am grateful that it hasn't blanketed the ground yet as I still have a few more things to get put away for winter, but I am still anticipating that first sign of winter! In years past many of you may not know, I used to have Alaskan huskies that I raced. So winter was always a busy time. And for me, it's something I still think of as soon as the snow comes. With my boys now 2 and almost 5, this year I hope to pull out the dog sled and get the dogs going again. I will for sure post some photos when we get enough snow.

Till then, keep warm and think white thoughts.

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