Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been a crazy winter. We woke to -33oC this morning. This after only days before being 10oC and the hope of spring in the air. I have to say for me, I can't wait for some green grass!

Usually, I am a winter person, but now with kids ( although my one some Ethan would like to have snow all the time so he could ride his snow mobile ), I am finding my favorite seasons are summer and fall. At this point, spring is looking and sounding great!

Last night I was in my grooming room getting Maggie ready for the show next weekend. It's been 15 years I think since I 'show' groomed a cocker spaniel and never before have I done a English Cocker. I have to tell you, that their grooming and maintenance is 1/2 of a American cocker.....but then Nothing like a Belgian.
Wrangler is entered, but I won't groom him till next Wednesday morning. I plan to leave at noon on Thursday and head to Calgary. I have to make a small detour to pick up my friend for the show. She has a Belgian ( groenendael ) that we co-own together.....Trip and Cindy were up for a visit and grooming this past Tuesday....
Cindy brought Trip and Splash up for the visit and those two with my three had a good time playing together. I said to Cindy I should get the camera....but then it was all talk, no action.

I did manage to get a few photos of my 'kids' this morning. I plan to do only a few shows and focus on rally, obedience and agility....the fun stuff this year. We will see where that takes me as I have been saying that for a long time and do the training, but never day, maybe this spring!!!

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